We have collaborated with UK artist TYPEDBYOLLY to design a music icons collection; inspired by Olly's favourite artists. Using a vintage typewriter, Olly manually hand-types the lyrics from an entire album to create the artist's portrait. Olly's hand-made artwork pays attention to the finer details, standing out in our digital world. 


Olly May is a analog artist from Leeds, UK. Olly creates portraits of musicians using lyrics from their songs, typing them out manually on a vintage typewriter.

It all started when he bought a typewriter as a gift for his girlfriend. A moment of curiosity uncovered his talent, leading him into becoming the artist he is today. Unexpectedly he uncovered his new art style and since then his progression as an artist has been clear for all to see.

As a full-time teacher, Olly finds time outside of the classroom to escape and create his masterful artworks. One of his life-long dreams was to turn his artwork into streetwear clothing.

In our biggest collection to date we are happy to announce Episode 3 'The Icons Collection' in collaboration with TYPEDBYOLLY

Every time you support our brand, you also support the artist.